2019 Hot Ace333 Slot Game

So 2019 is just right around the corner, do you know which 2019 Ace333 Slot Game is the top and hottest? In order to become the hottest slot game, it will have lots of players supports and already popular among players today. Just like 2018, for 2019 Ace333 slot game will continue to become more popular and we guess it still is more player favourite when it comes to live games vs slot games. Not sure why, but what we can guess is that slot games require less thinking and more to playing. It can even be less time consuming when you choose to play certain slot game since there are Auto Play such as Highway King slot and Dolphin Slot game.

Here is the 3 2019 Ace333 Slot Game that is the hottest and Probably will become the most popular along the year.

Ace333 Dolhpin Slot

Dolhpin slot actually become very popular since last year, in many gaming platform like 918kiss , at that time it was called SCR888, and when Ace333 lauch the game too, Dolphin popularity continued in Ace333. To be honest, the slot game looks kind of cute but make no mistakes, dolphin slot is packed with many different level of bonus features. This is why it’s so popular. When it comes to slot game, many think that it’s straight up spin and play, but this is actually not true. Some slot game require many different settings but Dolphin do not. This simplicity features also is among the main reason why it can connect well with online casino players.

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Ace333 Silent Roulette

This game was actually featured in many of our previous post, but since this is about the upcoming hot games, then silent Roulette Ace333 slot is a sure addition. There are many things to like about this slot game. From the ever colourful neon lights that fill up the slot game, to many beautiful cowboy like icons that will comes up full images when you hit a full straight line or certain bonus,silent Roulette do not disappoint. silent Roulette also comes with many different Free Game Bonus that give players even more ways to earn higher credit and playing points. The overall colour of this slot game also is smooth and comfortable enough for the eye, where it gives out a calming sensations. This is fairly a new game and have since getting more popular among Ace333 slot game players.

Fun Fact: Do you know that Playtech Have this silent Roulette games? Playtech is one of the world major and leading online casino gaming , and if you like to play the game in Playtech you can also get the playing account here.

Ace333 Bonus Bear Slot image
Ace333 Bonus Bear 2019 Top slot game

Ace333 Bonus Bear

Alright, you just can’t miss out on the most talked about Ace333 slot game of the year Bonus bear. Some might say the game is too over hyped but maybe, just maybe it’s under hyped. Why? Just like the name implied, Ace333 Bonus Bear is one of the slot game that have the most different type of in game bonuses for players, including random bonus, special bonus round and free games. Beside that, the name bonus bear alone also have the lucky meaning on it, well according to some players as “bonus” in casino terms means luck and points.

Fun Fact: Bonus Bear is a major slot game in casino, so the game can easily be found in many top quality casino gaming software like 918kiss and Mega888 slots.

Other slots game that will also dominates in 2019 and become more popular for players in the ACe333 include 

  • Geisha Stories
  • Penguin Vacations
  • Fantastic 4

These 3 are very popular in Ace333 for 2018, and for 2019, these three game will surely remain at the top spots. If you wonder what about fishing and other type of popular games like monkey story, these games are not included in this top 3 hot slots because those are more in the ARCADE gaming categories. But yes, when it comes to arcade type of casino game, fishing world type of slots, and stories base arcade gaming will still be at the top and most played game in 2019. Before we end this post, we wish all players Happy New Year and Good Luck in all Ace333 gaming.

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