2019 Update Ace333 and Mega888

2019 is coming, so do you guys knows what is in store for 1ce333 and Mega888 update? Normally slot game update is by 3 months basis and now with the new year coming in, there will be even more features added to both Ace333 and Mega888. At the moment, both Ace333 and Mega888 seemingly are becoming more stable as both casino gaming platform become more and more stable. Before these, both Ace333 and Mega888 will went through maintenance around once per week and now it becoming lesser. This is because these gaming platform have updated their version and gaming software to the latest technologies and in suite, it becoming more smooth for games players. Another good thing is in this year, 2018, Ace333 and Mega888 have less new games added to both channels, and in return, they more focus on upgrading their existing games to the best. Even with not so much new games added, Ace333 and Mega888 have more than enough games to wet players appetite especially when they not only have slot games, but also arcade and Live Casino games too. About the live casino, we actually notice more and more players are increasingly looking to play Ace333 live game as they actually quite similar to Asia Gaming live game where you can play Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack and interact with live card dealers. Arcade game are also more than enough in these two gaming platform with fishing and Monkey King taking the most played and popular among online casino players. Important thing to take note is, just like any other type of brands or games, when a certain gaming brand becoming more popular, there will always be some sort of counterfeit, that is why always make sure to only download or play the original Ace333 and Mega888.

For those that do not know, Mega888 live game and Ace333 Live Game are all included in the same download apps and both can only be played in mobile at the moment. There are still no news on if both gaming platform will add a PC gaming apps in 2019, but the chances are quite slim as more and more players played in mobile and less in computer anyways. What about you? where do you normally play the Ace333 and Mega888 games? What kind of features do you think Ace333 and Mega888 should add in the year 2019?


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