918kiss and Ace333 Which is the Best Game in Malaysia

This is something that not in discussion by many, whether should you play Ace333 or 918kiss. These two are the top competitor in slot game and one is new while another one is older which was from the SCR888 era. In fact, 918kiss is SCR888 as the company only changed their name to become more trendy and up to date to modern Malaysia Slot Game players. So which one will suit your gaming style better? Just to put something in here, beside the coming of Ace333 and Mega888, there are other slot game that kind of starting to gain notice among players but just stuck in midway like Playboy and 3win8 slots. These two have been around for quite sometime but never did they have the same impact as Ace333. So today we take a look at Ace333 and see how it fares when it comes head to head with 918kiss.

Ace333 and 918kiss H2H

If we see this from details compare of Ace333 and 918kiss , you can see the result below.


  • live game
  • slot game
  • arcade game
  • lavish design
  • slower loading time
  • Without playing Credit will bounce out occasionally


  • Slot game
  • arcade game
  • normal design
  • faster loading time
  • less to happen even without credits, but only on slot game

So above you can see there are some that Ace333 manage to stay on top and some 918kiss manage to stay on top.

Ace333 Bonus VS 918kiss Bonus

Ace333 Bonus and 918kiss bonus is easy feat. Ace333 bonus given by most online casino is more than 918kiss and the reason for this is simple. Because Ace333 is newer in the market, that is why online casino will give more bonus for the game. That is why if you intend to get more on the bonus, Ace333 Slot Game will be your best bet.

Ace333 Winning Rate VS 918kiss Winning Rate

So from the above we can actually see that Ace333 comes quite near towards 918kiss standard, heck they might even be better in terms of visual slot gaming. But in all, it comes down to you players yourself to test out these game and see which one you like the most.



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