Ace333 Bonus Bear Slot Game – The Top Malaysia Slot Game

Introducing the Ace333 Bonus Bear Slot Game. A highly popular mini slot game within the Ace333 Casino platform in Co8play here. The fun mini games that have bear and honey pot as theme is a well rounded slot game where it have all the things players need. We take a closer inspection of the game and let players see how this Ace333 Bonus bear game works.

Ace333 Bonus Bear Winning Feature:

Ace333 Bonus Bear comes with all the standard slot game playing features and in order to win it, all you have to do is to get the line to comes into straight, up attached to all the numbering handle. From Full icons , to one row of icons, you still can win points. Then there is these special bonus in bonus bear that makes it even more wonderful and that’s the scatter bonus and random bonus. Random bonus are icons that come out randomly and make an images of the slot and scatter bonus are those icon that can replace any type of slot icon to form a line.

The image below is the winning and play rules for Ace333 Bonus Bear. 

ace333 bonus bear prize graph

From the Ace333 Explanation Image and Graph above you acan see that the biggest winning points are:

  • Ace333 Girl Explorer Icons is times 5 for the maximum 50000
  • Ace333 Bee Nest Icons is times 5 for the maximum of 100
  • Ace333 Alphabet Icons is times 5 for the maximum of 200
  • Ace333 Squirrel Icons is times 5 for the maximum if 1000

This are the 4 most lookout bonus for players who played the Ace333 Bonus Bear Games.

Ace333 Paylines

Now different country comes with different currency, and same goes to Malaysia Ace333 . But the pay-line and how much the extra is still the same by going into the “times” formula. Below is the image of Ace333 pay-line and in game playing image.

Login and Playing the Bonus Bear

As long as you already have Ace333 Account, you can easily go to the main menu and download the game while inside Ace333 app. The game also takes very little space and with the image not in HD mode, you can be sure your game won’t be lagging. If you do not have the account yet, then no worry just easily register an Ace333 Account and Start playing within minutes.

So play this top Ace333 bonus gear slot game right now and get have fun with all types of mega bonus from this fun to play and addictive slot game. Before we end this, we also should tell you that the Bonus Bear slot game can also be played in Mega888 Slot , but it all depends on whether you like Ace333 more or Mega888 more. Have fun and continue to read more game tips, and get the best bonus from Co8play today.


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