Ace333 Casino Multi Player and Live Game

Ace333 casino have come along way from when they early started and right now, Ace333 have expanded their portfolio into live game and multiplayer type of games. This makes Ace333 even more appeals to the masses. The premises fort this is because Ace333 comes into the age where multi player gaming and Real Live gaming becoming more and more important. Gone are the days where people just like to sit back and play those pre-recorder thing. Those are actually even considered as old style right now.

How to start Ace333 Live Game

In order to start playing Ace333 live game, it is actually quite simple as all you have to do is login and the front menu already presented you with a room on the left box. There will have games and latest live gaming points, together with beautiful card dealer image. That’s the room you want to enter. This is actually only one of the two set of live gaming in Ace333, one being from their very own software, another one from top notch Asia casino providers, Asia Gaming.

Where is this Ace333 Live Game can be played?

At the moment, there are some restriction on where of these game can be played from, especially from which area where you can actually login into the live gaming features. But from what we tested, you can play it in Ace333 Malaysia, Ace333 Indonesia, and Ace333 Vietnam. In all these 3 places the features will be available though we are not sure if from others place it can be login as well.

What can be played in the Ace333 Live Game Room

In Ace333 live game room, you can play all the type of live card dealers category games such as:

  • Baccarat
  • Sic Bo
  • Roulette
  • 21 Blackjack
  • Bulls

And from what we understand, there are new games that will be included in the future like poker.

What about Ace333 Multiplayer Features?

Ace333 Multiplayer features is actually where you can play the game with friends! Yes, that is right. Though the implementation is still ongoing and at the moment, it is kind of hard to find any actual players to play the multiplayer features with, and as a last resort you will only be match with AI, the idea is good and we believe this Ace333 might even be the pioneer for this kind of game. In further updates, the implementation might get better and you will be available to use all these features to the fullest.

So if you like a full fledge casino game, then we highly recommend to download the Ace333 as you get best of both world, Live game and Slot game also with others unique features that’s not in other server like Multiplayer Gaming.

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