Ace333 Mega888 918kiss Cross Platform Game

When playing slot game, some players like to play the same game because of previous winning or might have been because of the liking. But there are just some little problems, when you change to new slot game platform, it will need time to adjust and you might find your self in a special place where you need to find new game to play all over again. This is where 918kiss, Ace333, and Mega888 comes in.

Ace333 Mega888 918kiss cross platform slot game

Ace333, Mega888 and 918kiss are very identical to each other in terms of play style and also gaming choices. The slot game inside these three platform can be found easily from one channel to the others. This is why when you feel the need to change to other platform, you won’t miss out on playing your favourite brand of slot game.

Now let see what’s the top slot game that can be found in all these 3 gaming platform ie Mega888, 918kiss and Ace333 shall we?

  • Bonus Bear
  • Video Roulette
  • Horse Racing
  • Car Racing
  • Alice
  • Jin Pei Mei
  • Dolphin

These 7 slot game including the video slots all can be found in three of these slot gaming platform available here in Co8play. So basically it doesn’t matter if let say right now you are playing 918kiss, then later on, choose to play Mega888 and then change again to Ace333. This is also the main reason why most players don’t mind hopping to one platform to the others.

The only thing that you need to do is just download all these software and get ready the account on standby. Normally when you register here, you will get to download 918kiss link, together with your own username and password. Then you can also proceed to ask customer service to prepare for you or send you the link to download Ace333 and also the link to download Mega888. With these you will have all 3 accounts and when you intend to changes from one platform to the others, it will be faster.

Many players do not know these, but you can also request to transfer credits from one platform to the next too. For example, if you are playing 918kiss and you already have some credits inside, then simply just ask our customer service to transfer the credits to the platform of your choice.


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