Get Your Free Smartphone By Playing Casino Game – Terms and Condition Applied

Want to get yourself a new smartphone? Now you can do so free by just playing online casino game here in Co8bet and Co8club. The choices of smartphone are also some of the best range in the market with Lenovo, Samsung and also Huawei Smartphone. We have Lenovo K6 Series, Samsung J4 Series and also Huawei Nova Lite Series for free. In order to win the smartphone, all you have to do is to play game here and it doesn’t matter what type of game you play. It can be Slot Game, Live Game and even sportsbook.

In Co8play here, you can see we have three games that is 918kiss, Mega888 and Ace333. All these are slot type. But this promotions is for all games that can be found in both Co8bet and Co8club which means your options just become wider.

Terms and Conditions to get the free smartphone

In order to win the smartphone, you will need to fulfilled the requirement below:

  1. Deposit for 200 times in Sept
  2. Deposit for 200 times in October
  3. The period will start from 1 Sept until 31 October.

For many of our regular players, these is one of the easiest bonus as all you need to do is just play normally and you will get these free gift.

If you are still not a member of Co8club or Co8bet, Register your account with us today and get our Welcome Bonus , Deposit Bonus, and still eligible for the Free Smartphone when you achieved the requirement above.

You can play Slot Game Channel like :

OR you can play Live Game Channel like:

  • Rollex
  • Newtown
  • Asia Gaming

And You also can play Sportsbook Game in either Co8club and Co8bet.

The bottom line is no matter what kind of game you play, you will be able to redeem the smartphone from these three choices as long as you achieved the terms and conditions.

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