Latest 2019 Casino Bonus Co8club

Co8club, The main site for Co8play, will be having large promotion this year. Co8club will be giving out high online casino bonus in 2019. Almost all the bonus before is upgraded, and now it’s even bigger and better. These bonus includes, Welcome Bonus, Sunday Deposit Bonus, Cash Back Bonus, Refer Friends Bonus and Even Rescue Bonus. These Online casino bonus can then be used for game from Playtech, Asia Gaming, Sportsbook, Joker123 and even Allbet.

Sunday First Deposit Bonus means when you deposit for the very first time on sunday, you can get an extra 30% online casino bonus.

Birthday Bonus is only for existing players in Co8club and Co8bet, but you can register an account, start playing for couple of time and you will straight away can get the birthday bonus during you date. You need to contact our customer service to claim it.

Online casino cash rebate has never been better. Right Now you can claim cash rebate up to 0.8% from your playing points!!

This is sepcial bonus only for Saturday where if you win, you will get another 10% extra on your withdrawal. This is currently the most popular online casino bonus in Co8club right now, as let say you won 2000, you will get extra 200 !

Lose your bet, then you can claim Daily rescue bonus from our customer service and they will add some playing points free of charge. Terms and Condition apply and minimum betting and other terms apply.

Recommend your friends now and start to earn with Co8club. You can easily earn free playing points just by referring your friends to open account and making the very first deposit. More friends you have the more you can earn.

Online Casino Welcome Bonus 30% for those who join for the first time.

Welcome Bonus 110% is the big bonus from Co8club in 2019. Get this first register bonus now. You can claim the bonus once you register an account and making the first time deposit.

In Co8club you have many special games to play. You can play slot game from Playtech , Joker123, Sportsbook, Live Casino gaming from Asia Gagmnig , Allbet, and many more.

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