Mega888 Jin Ping Mai 2 Slot Game Big Bonus

Mega888 Jin Pin Mai 2 is the latest slot game from Mega888 and it also present bigger bonus compared to other games. This Mega888 slot game is an upgrade from the previous version with better HD graphics, more line play and also bigger rewards. The biggest difference however was in the front game menu where even the name spelling already changes a lot. The older version was called Jin Pei Mei. Notice the changes there? Continue below to see what this Jin Ping Mai slot game and how is the game play of this latest Mega888 Slot.

Inside the Mega888 Jin Ping Mai 2

The characters of the game follow closely on the old folklore legend of Jin Pei Mei or Jing Pin Mai. Even the bonus round when it have special effects, you can see images from this folklore legends comes into half screen or three slot screen. Playing the game is fairly simple since it followed closely on the traditional slot line of 9, with 5 x3 landscape. Character wise, you will see Jin Pei Mei Husband, Herself, and Her Lovers, traditional Chinese Fan, and also Wine Icon. When you enter the bonus round, it kind of resemble another slot game, The Forbidden Chamber only this is the toned down version.

Check out the images below for the screen image of this Mega888 Game Jing Ping Mai

Mega888 Malaysia Jing Ping Mai

This Mega888 Game Playing Style and Bonus payout rate

Playing the game is simple as pie and you don’t need other than just place the minimum betting amount and hit go. Beside the screen there is also a open up flyers where you can see all the scatter or other type of bonuses details and how much is the pay out for the bet amount. So there is no confusion here and the game is pretty much straight forward. Bonus amount also is higher than most of other Mega888 games. We can say that compared to around 70% of Mega888 Games, Jing Ping Mai stands out a lot and can have as much as 20% higher.

What we can say about this Mega888 Game

At the moment, this Mega888 Casino Game is the most played in Co8play and we believe the reason is all of the above, easy to play, beautiful images especially when you hit the special round or we called it the free spin round, and the high amount of bonus rate. If we are to rate, this is a surely 5 star game to play. What do you think?


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