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Mega888 as you know it is one of the three main online game here at Co8play and we focus on only three slot game because as you might already guess it, all are the most famous and most played. Mega888 Casino Slot Game is a favorite for many because it have all the things players are looking for. Today we take a deep look at Mega888 Malaysia Slot Game and the gaming experience of Mega888 Casino.

About Mega888

Mega888 is actually a brand new slot gaming platform and it has only been around for less than a year. Though it is still new, Mega888 Malaysia manage to captured the heart of many slot game players. Mega888 consist of around 70 Slot Game up to date. The game inside Mega888 can be categorized as three type, Normal Spinning Slot Game, Video Slot Game, and Story Board Slot Game. A new addition isĀ  the live dealers game. This will be great news for those who wanted slot game and live casino together in one software.

  1. Video Slot Game are pre-recorded live game where you can play them by placing bet. So in a sense, this is not slot. It is different than normal live card dealers where you are presented with human dealers. In this, video slot game, you are presented by computer program. Some think this type of Video Slot have higher chance of winning comparing to the latter.
  2. Normal Spinning Slot is those slot game with reels, icons and lines. This is called normal slot game. Mega888 is full of these type of slot and this type of spinning slot game takes up around 80% of total mega888 games.
  3. Story Board Slot Game is the type of game where you played them just like those old type of RPG gaming where you need to do some sort of quest in order to win high points. And it comes with time limit frame as well. So this makes this type of game like-able by many and in fact is the hottest Mega888 Game. But hot game aside, many still prefer normal spinning slot because of the Mega888 Jackpot is higher there.

Inside Mega888 Game

Now that you already know about Mega888 History, lets take a look of this game from inside the menu system.

Mega888 Login Screen

Above image is when you login for the Mega888. It will show loading screen and the type of popular game. From the Mega888 login menu you also can see that it is purple based. In fact the whole game software is actually purple based in color.

Mega888 Casino game main menu

Above is the Mega888 Game menu and as you can see, it is very easy to see all the game inside, and even there is special directory in case you want full list of games. Under there, will be user menu where you can send suggestion to Mega888 makers and let them know what is missing. Did you see the pretty girl box on the left? That is Mega888 new features of Live Casino. It is highly recommended to try too.

Recommended Mega888 Game to Play

Many of the game from Ace333 Malaysia and 918kiss can be played here in Mega888 Too. Some of the most popular Mega888 game are Roulette 73 Video Slot, Enchanted Garden Slot and Green Light Slot. Below are another top 10 Mega888 games in Co8play.

  1. Racing Car Slot Game
  2. Monkey Story Plus Game
  3. Bulls Slot Game
  4. Shark Story Game
  5. Single Pick Video Game
  6. Orient Express Slot Game
  7. Tally How Slot Game
  8. Fruit Vs Candy
  9. Lucky Duck Slot Game
  10. Jin Pei Mei 2, the second edition slot game

How to Win Mega888 Game

This is the million dollar question. Winning Mega888 Game. When it comes to winning slot game, it actually are the same, no matter it is Ace333, 918kiss or Mega888. But of course since this is about Mega888, we will tell out some easy tips that many slot game players that seems to ignore.

  • Play the Popular Mega888 Slot. Popular Mega888 Slot Game have more Bonus value and more Jackpot Value. The higher the jackpot and bonus value the more bonus line and rewards will come out during your spin.
  • Play the game that fits your liking. Story Board Game needs a lot of attention and if you missed out something, there goes your point. So if you are not someone who pay attention to smaller details or hate those RPG Game or shooting type of game, then Story Board Game is not your type. Spinning Slot Game on the other hand only need you to roll slowly.
  • Never get influenced by your friend. Let say if your friend is winning on a ABC Slot Game, then you think why not play the game together so you will win too. Slot Game is random based so you are better of followed our very first advice. It’s different story if the game that your friend is playing have the highest amount of Jackpot. In that case, play together by all means.
  • And the last one winning tips is of-course you will need to choose the best Mega888 Online Casino to play. Why? because only trusted Mega888 Casino will withdraw your winning. Let say you already won huge bonus amount and want to withdraw but if those are casino that only uses whatsapp, they can disappear anytime. That is why, When choose a place to play Mega888, Co8play is the best choice. We are also name as good place to play by Many Malaysia Online Casino Review such as and this alone is a testament for the trust of Co8play.

Benefit of Playing Mega888

Benefit of playing Malaysia Mega888 is quite obvious. With the game being the newest entry among those slot platform makers, you can expect heavy Mega888 Bonus and also fresh game to test on. Mega888 have some special game where you can’t find from the other two platform 918kiss and Ace333. So to put it in a way, when you already test out games from the other two casino software in our site, or even other site, you will find Mega888 quite refreshing and great for long term play and release stress.

By right now, you know most of the thing about Mega888, so what do you think about this game? You can straight away register mega888 account right now and start to play the game with our express customer service 24 hours on the clock. If you have any question regarding the Mega888 gameplay, Mega888 Bonus or any others, we are happy to answers too.


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