The best Bonus offer for Mega888, Ace333 and 918kiss

Now, we know that many will get excited just by hearing the word bonus but we top it up with special Mega888 Bonus, High 918kiss Bonus and also specialized Ace333 Bonus. Who say that you only get to have little extra points when we will give you the best of the best when it comes to casino games and also casino bonus.

In times where economy is just stable and it’s not easy to get free stuff everywhere, Co8play will be rewarding our players for as this is our way or giving to all that have supported us. With three main game 918kiss, Mega888, and also Ace333 here in Co8play, many comes to us because of our focus is in these three game. This makes us professional when it comes to any question about 918kiss, Ace333 and also Mega888.

918kiss Welcome Bonus, Ace333 Welcome Bonus, Mega888 Welcome Bonus

So now lets get back to the bonus shall we? Right now you can get Mega888 Register Bonus, Ace333 Register Bonus and Also 918kiss Register bonus for the very first time. This is for all of you out there who comes to Co8play and play here as new member. So can also recommend to your friends and let them know about this awesome bonus.

Why Take Co8play Welcome BonusĀ 

We have simple explanation for this. All the points below will add up and you will see the benefit of getting 918kiss Welcome Bonus, Ace333 Welcome Bonus and Mega888 Welcome Bonus here.

  • First Deposit Amount is not high. With only as low as 50, you will be eligible to get it.
  • Not much rules imposed on the Mega888, Ace333, 918kiss games to play. We don’t impose many unreal rules, as we just pointed out which game can be played, and which game cannot be played if you taken the bonus. It’s as simple as that.
  • Register Mega888 Account is fast with around 5 minutes, Ace333 Account in around 10 minutes, and 918kiss Account in 7 minutes. So all of these three account can be done in under 15 minutes to be exact. That is how fast the process is. Not much of waiting time right? As the time is even less than taking a simple stroll around the park. You just fill in some simple information, then go to toilet and come back, and your account is ready.
  • Withdrawal and payment is guarantee. When you win, we will pay you the amount. Many online casino out there do not do these. They will lure you into playing their games and deposit with big bonus, then when you won the game and intended to do withdrawal, your account will be blocked, Whatsapp will be blocked and you won’t even be able to contact them anymore. This don’t happen at Co8play.
  • Rollover is low. What now? Yes, you did not heard wrong, the rollover for welcome bonus here is very low! Many Malaysia online casino site imposed heavy rollover some to over 22 times before you can make the withdrawal, Co8play do not do these. Co8play give as low as only 5 times rollover for player so that you will actually be able to enjoy the winning. When rollover are above 20 times, the chance of winning the game is still the same, but the chance to actually take out your winning is lower than 10%.

Above are some simple facts on the benefit of getting your Mega888 Welcome Bonus, 918kiss Welcome Bonus and Ace333 Welcome Bonus here. We believe the points above is already convincing enough for any players to take the first step and register. With just 5 simple points, we already prove that Co8play actually care for our players and hope you to win.

Now before we get to other type of bonus, lets take some time to see the Ups of playing in Co8play here alright.

918kiss Ace333 Mega888 Wallpaper and Logo

How Co8play Malaysia Online Casino Treat Our Customers.

  1. We believe in helping our customers to the extend where they can play without any problems. This is why we have dedicated customer service to answer all the info about Mega888, Ace333 and 918kiss. Let say when you are playing 918kiss slot game then suddenly you don’t know how much is the payline or how to place the bet for Jackpot. Our customer service will let you know the details, some extra rules, and even will go as far as recommending you which game that is popular today. So you can be sure that Co8play will guide you along the way.
  2. Downloading the Original Slot Game ie, Mega888, Ace333, 918kiss APK. Do you know that there are many fake APKs? Some APKs are created in order to steal player information, some are just counterfeit game that do not play by the rules. Co8play present only the True and Oroginal 918kiss APK, Ace333 APK, and Mega888 APK to download. We also point you to the original download site. That is why we do not host the downloading files but instead guide our players to the site of these slot game operators platform.
  3. Little Donwtime. Our site have little downtime and is on 24/7. So is our support staff. This is so that you can play for 24 hours, and also can have your problems solve anytime of the day.
  4. We don’t keep sensitive information. Co8play do not keep your sensitive information so that you can play without worry of data loss in Co8play.
  5. We enjoy taking your advice to make us better. Unlike other Malaysia Online Casino, Co8play enjoy taking your advice and upgrading our own site. Some places they just ignore your opinion but not here. So if you have any ideas to make Co8play even better, let us hear about it, and we will consider to add extra features or function if the upgrade will benefit both Co8play and our players.

Alright then, lets get back to Bonus now.

Other 918kiss Bonus, Mega888 Bonus, Ace333 Bonus that we have

Now that you already know that we have Welcome bonus, what other kind of bonus are in-store for 918kiss, Mega888 and Ace333 Players? Below is some of our running 918kiss bonus, Ace333 Bonus and Mega888 Bonus. Simply said we can also just call them Slot Game Bonus in Co8play.

  • Slot Game Daily Deposit BonusĀ is when you deposit into 918kiss, Ace333 and Mega888 game. We also called this one as First Deposit Bonus. First Deposit Bonus also tends to be higher than other normal deposit bonus. Take note that this type of bonus comes in season to season means we will have special season for these bonus.
  • All Top Up Bonus is for each time you made a deposit. This bonus will be taken automatically and that means you don’t even need to request for it. We will just straight away give you the bonus for free or charge. That is why sometime when you only insert 100 credits but you will see 110 credits. Not like other online casino, we straight away give you the credit so there won’t be anything like need to ask for the bonus. Some casino have rules where during making the top up, must request for the bonus or it will be void.
  • Lucky Bonus or Lucky Draw Bonus type we give to special players through our lucky draw system. It did not matter how much you deposit, as long as you are an active players, you will stand a chance to get these mystery lucky draw prizes from Co8play. Let say you play Mega888 Malaysia for around 20 times, you will suddenly get a message in inbox and let you know that you are chosen as a lucky prize winner.
  • Cash back Bonus system is to give back the losses and let players have something to play for another time. We normally do the cashback system once per week, and all the accumulated points will then be counted via percentage. The bonus percentage then will be added to players account. This is the cash back bonus system.

So know you all the 918kiss bonus, mega888 bonus and Ace333 bonus that Co8play here have and we can really let you know that these are some of the best bonus available. Not only does these bonus comes in great and high benefit, you can also uses these bonus across three type of games. So you can enjoy playing slot game or live game here without worrying if the bonus is good enough or if the winning can be withdrawn. Term and conditions will of course comes with bonus but during the registration, you will be given clear information on these rules, so that you will be as clear as day and know what kind of play style or game are banned. This is because Co8play believe in the trust system and hope our players can play without any trouble during or after their game play.


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